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Cunning Plots

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to eschew new year’s resolutions. However, despite this disinclination, I do find this time of year (and by “this time of year”, I apparently mean February – my holiday internet bailed out in the … Continue reading

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A Very Fine Roadtrip

As mentioned last post, I’m now happily ensconced in a frangipane surrounded weatherboard house on the northern New South Wales coast. This is standard for me this time of year. However, I got here in a manner a bit different … Continue reading

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Adventures in Natural Dyeing, Part I

To begin, happy new year everyone! The general consensus among a lot of people I know seems to be that 2011 really could have been better, which is a shame. To all of these people, and indeed to everyone, I … Continue reading

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Final installment of the tale of my recent travels! As mentioned last post, after our time in Stockholm came to an end we hopped on a train (several trains, actually) and headed for Trondheim. It was a long trip; I … Continue reading

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Denmark and Sweden

Hello blog. I am currently breathing deep appreciative breaths of humid Melbourne night air and loving every second of it. That’s right; I’m back home again. I was going to post another update from the trip, but things did not … Continue reading

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A Jetlag Riddled Post

I am quite obviously the queen of multi-tasking. I’m updating my blog AND fending off jetlag. Win! In other news, greetings from Amsterdam! I am gazing at the canals as I wite. I’m pretty keen on Amsterdam so far; we … Continue reading

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Harder, better, faster, stronger…

…pretty much sums up what the last few weeks have been like. Life is hurtling along at a ridiculous pace, but I’m doing okay. Making semi-successful attempts to get enough sleep while wrangling work, a social life and preparing for … Continue reading

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