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Long time no blog. How embarrassing! I’d be a little more sheepish about it, but the truth is that I’ve just been so busy that there’s been very little time for a lot of my usual recreational pursuits, blogging included. … Continue reading

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Adventures in Natural Dyeing, Part II

A few weeks back when I posted about my recent attempts at dyeing with plant materials, I referred to having tried my hand at dyeing an entire garment with India Flint’s ecoprint technique. Now I’ve finally taken some photos, here’s … Continue reading

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Feeling the Love

Because I am currently in between FOs and stuck for a (long overdue!) blog post, here are a few of the things that I am pretty keen on at the moment. I am currently overtired and just at the point … Continue reading

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Back to Real Life

As I mentioned last post, while I love travelling, I’m also pretty keen on coming home again. Travel means seeing awesome new things (and then photographing, patting or ingesting them), but being at home means I can resume my ongoing … Continue reading

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Now With Added Plot Twist!

Whew! Well, I finished my final assignments. Just about killed me. If I had a dollar for every time I fell asleep at my desk over th past few weeks I’d have… well, not that much money I suppose. But enough to buy a ball … Continue reading

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Adventures, Narcissism, and Retina Burn

It’s a glorious spring day outside, and what am I doing? I’m procrastinating on my assignment by updating my blog. Yay me. Though I have every intention of getting my seasonally unappreciative self into the sun later on, once the … Continue reading

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