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Baktus – Insert Pun Here

Life has been a bit mad lately, hence it’s taken me until late April to blog about a scarf that I finished in late January. But better late than never, right? Pattern: Baktus by Strikkelise. Yarn: Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn (EQ colourway) … Continue reading

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Back to Real Life

As I mentioned last post, while I love travelling, I’m also pretty keen on coming home again. Travel means seeing awesome new things (and then photographing, patting or ingesting them), but being at home means I can resume my ongoing … Continue reading

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Finished Object: Tweedmobile Cardigan

  Okay, I know it’s a ridiculous name. But I just couldn’t help myself. And frankly, I’ve been going on this one for so long that I’m just glad to have it done, even if the name I’ve given it … Continue reading

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Finished Object: Mythos

And finally, we have a cardigan! The finishing for this one took me days, mainly because I was working a lot, and also partly because I was discouraged by my i-cord edging (I may have used the word ‘arse’ a … Continue reading

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Things that are Green and Delightful

For as long as I can remember, green has always been my favourite colour – and it still is, even though I don’t wear it as much as I used to. I especially love the richer, darker greens; forest greens … Continue reading

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Spring – finally!

It feels like it’s been a dreadfully long time coming, but spring has finally arrived in Melbourne. Okay, ‘finally’ is probably a little uncalled for, since it’s only mid September, but winter has felt longer than usual, probably because of … Continue reading

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Pattern: Practical Procrastination Pullover

Dear inhabitants of the internet, I give you: the Practical Procrastination Pullover. The alliteration is a little painful, I know, but I just couldn’t resist. Besides, it’s quite true actually. I designed and knit this in a fit of exam … Continue reading

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