Baktus – Insert Pun Here

Life has been a bit mad lately, hence it’s taken me until late April to blog about a scarf that I finished in late January. But better late than never, right?


Pattern: Baktus by Strikkelise.

Yarn: Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn (EQ colourway)

I have some pretty enormous love for Kauni Effektgarn. I bought this yarn a couple of years back now, and proceeded to hoard it because was clearly too lovely to use. I also had some trouble deciding on a pattern. The colours are beautiful, so I didn’t want to go for an elaborate design that would take attention away from the sheer rainbow glory of the yarn.

Well, it doesn’t get much more basic than Baktus (in the most excellent way possible of course). Plus about eleven thousand people had trodden the Kauni Baktus route before me (including the lovely Charlotte), to most excellent results. One of the things I tend to struggle with when it comes to craft is accepting the fact that I don’t actually have to be 100% original all of the time (any wonder I have anxiety problems). Clearly I need more experiences like this one to remind me that sometimes a choice is popular for a really good reason.

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. I didn’t use the entire ball of yarn, for a start, and I must have been feeling uncharacteristically bossy because I actually removed quite a few yards of the second orange portion, just to make sure that the scarf ended in red. Left to its own devices, it would have ended in yellow and orange, which would not have been enough contrast for my liking. I’m definitely happy with the decision – I like it much more this way – and though I took out quite a large amount of orange, I was careful, and the slightly more abrupt colour change is barely noticeable, even if you’re looking for it.



So there it is: doing my small part to brighten up Flagstaff station and the legal precinct on cold Wednesday mornings.

I considered giving it a silly name, hence the title of this post. I was knitting it upon my return to work after the Christmas break, so I considered all manner of silly variations on “Baktus to reality scarf”. However, I couldn’t quite do it, especially since it would just compound my guilt about making an un-blogged worsted weight test version that I can’t help but call Practice Baktus (no idea if that only rhymes in my particular non-accent, but try your luck).


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4 Responses to Baktus – Insert Pun Here

  1. reWOLLuzza says:

    Oh, it’s a relief to know that I’m not the only knitter with originality-anxiety… I’ve been debating for a while now if the world really needs yet another color affection. But I think I, if not the world, do need one. So maybe I’ll dump the anxiety and be knitter #8.880 to make this…

  2. Sonia Knits says:

    Oh I love it! I want one now…

  3. kgirlknits says:

    gorgeous 🙂 good use of spectrum yarn

  4. This is gorgeous. 🙂 I think cutting out the orange to get to the red was a jolly good call!

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