A Vaguely Triumphant Return

Hello blog; it’s been a while. I have been up to a lot of things, but unfortunately one of them was giving myself the mother of all horrible paper cuts on a manila folder at work yesterday. As such, my typing is not particularly stellar. So it’s a picture-tastic post until I can ditch the dexterity impairing band-aids.

The biggest news: I moved two and a half weeks ago. The madness is mostly over – thankfully – but there’s still a little bit of unpacking to do. Nothing like moving to make you realise that you own too much crap (craft supplies, I am fixing my gaze squarely on you), but I do really love the new apartment. It’s not the newest, but it’s spacious and has tons of cupboards. And now I have a brand new kitchen windowsill to adorn with poppies and lopsided handmade ceramicware!

Speaking of new kitchens and pottery, upon making my first attempt at baking, I realised that my new oven was not so much an oven as it was a kiln, fond of reaching volcanic temperatures that did not favours during production of some of my favourite baked goods.

This poor blood orange was transformed into a blood orange slice with a severely scorched bottom (that said, this recipe is great and you should most definitely give it a go). Thankfully, it was still delicious, but at some point the oven and I need to sit down and work out our differences, as I am really none too keen on the idea of not being able to bake cakes and biscuits.

On the up side, searingly hot ovens are excellent for baking bread.

I had tried my hand at pain a l’ancienne before, but had misread the recipe, so the results were somewhat underwhelming. I decided that, armed with an over-enthusiastic oven, it was time to give it another go. I used this recipe, and was met with definite success!

I’ve also been doing some knitting. It feels like forever ago now, but I made a cowl! A cowl to adorn my comically long neck!

A cowl in which to pull Serious Faces!

Also, there was knitting for the KOGO Project. Stripes for all! Super bright stripes for the babies, slightly more sensible stripes for the adult-folk.

I’ve finished enough projects over the last few months that you’re all spared some horrible progress shots of the things on which I’m currently working. I’ve been busy though. I’m making a scarf at the request of my northern-hemisphere-bound father, and finally giving my cable itch a good scratch. But that’s for next post. Which will hopefully not take two months to produce!


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