Bendigo 2012!

A couple of weeks ago, I made my glorious return to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. I missed the show both last year and the year before, as a result of overworked forgetfulness and overseas travel respectively, so I was extra excited to finally go again this year. I’m happy to say it lived up to expectation.

As one would expect from the name, there was wool and sheep aplenty.

This guy was clearly the greatest. I’m not sure my photo properly captured his look of absolute disdain, but close enough. Rest assured that was he truly a sheep with attitude.

We traipsed around admiring the knitted goods, chatting with various awesome Ravelry people, touching all the touchable things and just generally enjoying the sun, as it was an absolutely beautiful day. I ate an amazing fried potato thing on stick, the likes of which I had never seen before. We watched some shearing (read: had a shameless perve. Some of those shearers had amazing arms and shoulders).

And of course, there were Bendy acquisitions. I was actually fairly restrained – I’ve not been buying all that much yarn lately, since I’m trying to reduce my stash – but I still came away with some very nice things. I actually surprised myself by buying a surprising amount of fibre; while I do a little bit of spinning, I’m hardly prolific on this front. But there were just so many lovely things that I couldn’t quite help myself. In my defense, I have been spinning like a girl possessed ever since Bendigo, so at least it’s not going to languish in the stash.

I was especially enamoured with the red roving, as I adore deep reds and find them surprisingly difficult to find. The colourway is Talbot and I was very amused when the seller confirmed that it was indeed a reference to the character from True Blood, or rather was “named for the way that Talbot ended up in True Blood”. I can’t wait to spin this stuff up; it’s just lovely. Sadly, my camera apparently has strong views on red and flatly refused to take a photo that shows the colour properly, but I assure you, it’s simply gorgeous.

Unsurprisingly, yarn was also acquired, though as you can see above, I really was quite restrained. The green yarn is an alpaca/wool blend from a nameless seller who, two years ago, sold me some yarn that turned into what must be my all-time most worn hat. Knowing how well the hat has stood up to near incessant wear, I thought it was only responsible to invest in some more of their yarn (especially since, sadly, I was told that it was the last appearance they’d make at the show).  The beautiful purple is from EGMTK; I already have cunning plans for the lovely stuff. And the blue is from the lovely Dawn at Gin and Tonic Yarns, because I just can’t resist a beautiful, deep shade of blue.

All in all, a very successful expedition!

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2 Responses to Bendigo 2012!

  1. agujasblog says:

    What a fun day! Love the expression you captured of that sheep.

  2. kessanlin says:

    Love the pics! I would love to go to a Bendigo Sheep and Wool show, maybe one day I will. The teal and green roving looks absolutely gorgeous! Maybe that sheep was using his/her attitude to cover up the fact that it is stark naked? 😀

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