Sunday Funsies

Having survived the ravages of June (just), I have now turned my attention to other things, such as my volunteer research work, (comparatively) regular blogging and just generally getting back into the smaller things that make me happy. And, you know, regular sessions of Diablo and Starcraft.  Luckily for the housework, my extracurricular activities, and my social life, my gaming PC is located in an unheated room and given the recent winter temperatures, that’s enough to put me off excessively long gaming sessions. Then again, excessive is a rather subjective term, and you are currently perusing the blog of the girl who was occasionally known to play Starcraft for eight hours a day during her high school holidays. How I got into law school is anybody’s guess. And it’s probably no surprise that my romantic life was non-existent prior to university. But we digress (completely and utterly).

We’re currently mired deep in a typical Melbourne winter, and while we’ve had the occasional bit of sun, much of the time the weather is pretty vile. I’ve spent a number of my days off sitting inside while it rains, wishing I could roam around doing outdoorsy things. Sometimes I go out anyway. But generally I yield to common sense and stay indoors, consoling myself with various fun things; excessive quantities of tea, books with beautiful pictures, Regina Spektor’s new album, my friend’s MA thesis, and meringues. Almond flavoured meringues filled with blood orange and honey curd. Omnomnomnomnom.

(no, I don’t usually eat meringues in a bowl. Ever. But I like this bowl. So there)

Following on from the success of the pandan meringues, I’ve somehow shifted from making meringues to use up egg whites to actually seeking out recipes that use egg yolks so I have an excuse to make meringues. So, you know, curd. I blame Tastespotting. I made up my meringues much the same as described in my last post, adding some almond flavouring instead of pandan at the end. The recipe for the blood orange and honey curd came from over here; I halved the recipe since I didn’t want to use up all of the eggs I just bought (I live five minutes walk from a street on which there are MANY places to buy eggs, so I don’t know how this reasoning works, but see above comment about the weather being vile).

I’ve also made some quick trips up to Brunswick to pick up a few more of my endearing asymmetrical clay creations. Can’t say I’m over-the-moon excited about all of them, but there are a few that I’m quite keen on, and I’m happy to chalk the others up to experience. I think one thing that I’ve definitely learned from knitting – something that you probably learn from most crafts, actually – is that sometimes it just takes a while before you get good at things. Thankfully for my short attention span, watching yourself gradually improve, bit by bit, is also immensely rewarding.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with these. When I made them, I wasn’t entirely sure whether they were feathers or leaves, and to be honest I still don’t really know. But they make me happy. I love how the glaze came out.

In fibre-related news, in preparation for next week’s pilgrimage to Bendigo (so exited!) I’m also trying to get some more knitting done. Of course, this has taken the form of starting a whole pile of new projects instead of finishing the existing ones. Whoops. But the point is that I’m feeling the love, right?

Most of the new projects aren’t much to look at yet, but I’ve been working away on a cowl that’s basically been gorgeous right from the word go. It’s hard to make yarn this beautiful look bad.

Nice bright knitting for cold winter days!

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3 Responses to Sunday Funsies

  1. tequilatoes says:

    Your feather-y leaves look like they are part of a wind chime!

  2. kgirlknits says:

    your feather-leaves also look a little like fish, to me!

    the meringues look amazing, and that knitting is a gorgeous colour. I’m not going to make it to Bendigo this year – boo! – but have a great time!!

  3. SunflowerCrochet says:

    Great to hear from you! You’re giving me the strong urge to explore meringues, and I love the yarn you’re using for that cowl! It’s the perfect thing to work on in winter. I just finished up a seed stitch cowl myself, and it makes for some nice, soothing knitting.

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