Pale Green Things

Hello blog! Your erstwhile author returns! *gasp* As with the last post, I’ve been well; I’ve just been very busy! Work has been kicking my arse up and down the CBD, but I’m hoping that once June comes to a close, things will get a little less hectic. Or at least that my phone will ring a little less. I’m not unreasonable; I would totally settle for that.

The title of the post is actually pretty good at reflecting some of the things I’ve been up to in my absence. It refers to an amazing song by one of my favourite bands; I saw them play live back in May and had my socks rocked off in a most pleasing fashion). It also works as a servicable introduction to the fun and unexpected spot of kitchen dabbling that I got up to recently. I’d just cooked up a batch of biscuits for impending friends and had some egg whites left over. The thing about egg whites is that I always intend to use them – I dutifully fridge or freeze them – but always end up neglecting them until they perish. Not this time! I considered the egg whites, considered the tiny plastic bottle of pandan flavouring that had been sitting untouched on my desk (of all places) for the longest time, harnessed the power of my beloved mixer and made pandan flavoured meringues!

Aren’t they marvellous? I was ever so pleased with not only the taste – which was quite pleasant, for all that I’m skeptical about the extent to which it actually tasted like real pandan, but oh well – but also the shape! I know that a lot of people like to pipe meringues, but I kind-of-really love the organic, crazy sea-creature-tentacles, Cthulu-esque thing that was going on with my meringues.

I didn’t really use a receipe; just dutifully followed Nigella Lawson’s instructions to use 60g of caster sugar per egg white (I had two egg whites, so 120g of sugar), and added probably close to a teaspoon of pandan flavouring. It was so simple, I can’t believe I’ve never gotten around to doing it before. So much enjoyment from only a few minutes of putting up with the noise from the stand mixer and then a brief session of giggling gleefully while I dolloped the meringue onto a lined tray.

In other news, I’ve been in a bit of a crafting rut lately. Too busy and preoccupied by other things. Not too busy to actually knit. Just too busy to devote brain time to the topic of what I should actually knit next. As such, I have gotten some knitting done; it just wasn’t particularly interesting knitting. I recently finished up the garter stitch scarf that I was knitting for charity, but it’s hardly worth blogging about. It’s, you know, a garter stitch scarf. And I’m not saying that they can’t be beautiful – on the contrary – but they’re not exactly breaking new ground.

Speaking of breaking new ground, however, my ceramics short course finished a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad I did it – I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun – and I’d thoroughly recommend the course to anybody who wants to have a dabble in making things from clay (I did the beginners’ course with a mix of handbuilding and wheel throwing, if anyone is curious). The way the classes were taught was, for me, very well balanced; you were free to work on more or less whatever you wanted, but a new technique/method was taught every week in order to provide a bit of structure.

I haven’t yet picked up the items I made in the final few classes, but some of my undeniably lopsided creations have already accompanied me home. I’m actually quite pleased with a few of them. I was quite emphatically dreadful at wheel throwing when I started, which was a little discouraging, but I really turned a corner in my second session. And nothing pleases me more than being able to see myself improving at something through practice; it’s one of the most satisfying things about trying your hand at new things.

I’m still yet to make something that’s perfectly symmetrical, but it’s important to have goals for the future! At any rate, I’m happy with my lopsided little bowls. A few of them have already made their way into frequent use in my household; one is the perfect size to hold the tealight candles made for me by a friend, another has proved to be a perfectly servicable receptacle for guacamole, and so on.

Some of them match my hand-knits too. Pointless as all get out, but satisfying nonetheless.

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2 Responses to Pale Green Things

  1. Cadence says:

    Hey, Anna! Long time, no see! I’ve recently returned to the world of the living in terms of my blog, and realized I hadn’t stopped in at your place in quite some time. I caught myself up, and you’ve been up to some amazing business with your travels! I hope to read more from you soon, and I hope that you are well.

    • Anna says:

      Excellent to see you back again; hope life has been treating you kindly! I was actually thinking wistfully about your neck of the woods just the other day; I really must get back to the US at some point…

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