Coveting, coveting, yeah!

(note: you’re supposed to read that title in the style of a Rebecca Black chorus. Because I am a sucker for memes that are now completely out of date).

I knitted this scarf because I saw this and the project that inspired it and thought they looked amazing. And I wanted to make one too. This is quite unusual for me. Normally I’m one of those incredibly tiresome people who just has to be different all of the time. But I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes you see something and you just want it. Want it – or at least your own version of it – kind of really, really badly. Plus I thought it looked buckets of fun to knit, so back in late November when I was confined to bed with Norwegian Hell Plague I grabbed my bag of scrap yarns and cast on with great enthusiasm! It’s taken me a while to finish, but I enjoyed it all the way!

Please note that I’m not actually a devotee of the midriff-baring-sleeveless-shirt-and-woollen-scarf combo. The weather was very warm on the day that these pictures were taken and I think long sleeves + snuggly scarf might actually have killed me (erm, figuratively speaking).

Not much point in doing the usual format round-up for this one, because I didn’t use a pattern and if I wanted to list all of the yarns I used, I’d be here for a while and honestly, who wants that much bolded text? If anybody is really curious, there’s a list on the project’s Ravelry page. The yarn that formed the ends and edgings was some Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8ply left over from one version of this, and scraps from a few different balls of Noro Silk Garden found their way in from time to time, but there were lots of other yarns as well, ranging from 10 ply yarns to fingering weights held doubled. Oh, and for anyone out there with a notions fetish, I used 4.5mm needles. There, I have officially ticked all of the boxes!

I used a whoooooole lot of remnants up while knitting this one. Much to my amusement, because I used mostly small scraps of yarn that on their own would be completely overlooked, I got the oddest sensation of creating a scarf out of thin air. Clearly, I am magical. Or something.

All up, this was a great project; fun to work on and great for using up random bits and bobs. If I could acquire the appropriate scraps, I would love to make another one of these in red, black and grey. This ambition is probably not practical (though mine rarely are), because I don’t think you tend to get as many different shades in these colours, but that might just mean it’ll take me longer to acquire said scraps. You never know; I don’t plan to stop knitting any time soon, after all.

Enough scarf blather. House-sitting went well and as of yesterday I’m back home again. And I recently completed one of the most delighful types of knits; the Unexpectedly Satisfying Project. It’s blocking as we speak, so more on that soon!

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2 Responses to Coveting, coveting, yeah!

  1. eliza says:

    it turned out beautifully! congratulations! it does feel a bit magical to use up those tiny scraps, doesn’t it? i also get this very smug feeling from using every last bit of yarn. ‘there shall be no waste here!’

  2. Melanie says:

    Coveting your scarf so very much especially as blues are my favourite colours.

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