A Very Fine Roadtrip

As mentioned last post, I’m now happily ensconced in a frangipane surrounded weatherboard house on the northern New South Wales coast. This is standard for me this time of year. However, I got here in a manner a bit different than in previous years.

Crescent Head is about 13 hours drive north of my beloved Melbourne. A not insubstantial distance to travel. Ordinarily when we go, we do the entire trip in one day, driving in shifts. However, this time around I travelled up with The Boy and while both of us are practiced drivers and probably could have driven the whole way in a single day, it didn’t honestly sound like a lot of fun. So, we decided to do the trip over a few days and take in some new scenery along the way. I love travelling within Australia – like the US, it’s an absolutely magnificent country in terms of the diversity of landscape that it holds – but have, sadly, done very little of it during my adulthood, treading instead the same familiar paths up and down the Hume and Pacific highways. Recently, I’d decided to do something about this and one place on my hit-list that was located roughly in the direction of where we were heading was Kosciuszko National Park. That settled that!

We spent an afternoon driving through the park and then, after staying in the nearby town of Jindabyne overnight, headed back in and spent a good chunk of the next day hiking around some of the trail. The park was pleasantly quiet – a far cry, I’m sure, from what it’s like in the snow season when everyone heads to Thredbo for the skiing – and the scenery was very lovely. We saw a marvellous range of flora and fauna, and landscape ranging from waterfalls and grassy clearings to hulking granite boulders and forests of stark white-trunked leafless trees as far as the eye could see. Also wallabies!

The Boy managed to drop my camera on one of the aforementioned granite boulders (grumble) but it seems to be more or less still working. After finishing up in Kosciuszko we drove through Cooma and up past Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. As a snotty Melbournian, I do love a good opportunity to poke some good natured fun at my nation’s quaint little capital, but didn’t get much of an opportunity this time around as we stayed just on the other side of the ACT/NSW border. There was nothing to do along the highway, so I spent the evening devouring the final pages of my novel, drinking room temperature white wine and dining on petrol station instant noodles like the immensely classy broad that I am while The Boy watched the tail-end of a darts tournament for lack of better viewing. The next day it was a meagre seven hour drive to reach Crescent Head. It is, as usual, excellent to be here and we’ve thrown ourselves into everything on offer. I’ve been swimming and walking every day and spending my evenings drinking cider and devouring mangoes. Life is very good to me right now.

The weather up here is very mild compared to what Melbourne has been experiencing over the last week (and you can be sure that I’ve let my friends back home know all about it). As such, despite it being summer it’s not even close to the point where it becomes too hot to contemplate working with wool. As such, I’ve been knitting away busily on a stripey fingering-weight cardigan (all stash yarn, because I am ever so virtuous). I was very pleased with the colour combination and I still am really. However, just before we left The Boy acquired a more or less identically coloured and striped cardigan from Savers. So now I feel just a little silly, though no doubt less silly than I’ll feel if we ever find ourselves out and about, both wearing our respective stripey cardigans.

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3 Responses to A Very Fine Roadtrip

  1. katinspace says:

    I love Cresent Head!

  2. katinspace says:

    I even love Crescent Head and that little bay in Hat Head national park where the water is really shallow and goes out for ages. I love that you can walk to beaches that don’t have road access! Bee-you-ti-ful!

    • Anna says:

      Hurrah – I’m so chuffed that you know it! Most people I talk to about it have never heard of it and I have to describe it as “near Port Macquarie” or failing that “about four hours north of Sydney”. I adore it – my grandparents used to live in Crescent Head so I spent a lot of time here when I was wee thing.

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