Final installment of the tale of my recent travels! As mentioned last post, after our time in Stockholm came to an end we hopped on a train (several trains, actually) and headed for Trondheim. It was a long trip; I spent the first half of it binding off the shawlette I’d been knitting and the rest reading and gazing at the scenery. The sunset was very beautiful; all yellow, blue and green. I also had a giggle as we passed through Hell; now I can make “been through hell and back again” jokes.

Trondheim was a lovely town. It was a little rainy on our first day but we pressed on regardless.

Behold: proof of weather in the form of rain splattered glasses! Just ignore their bedraggled looking owner and admire the woods behind her. I loved the fact that there were so many gorgeous walks to be had only a short tram ride from the middle of the city.

Unfortunately, things took a bit of a turn for me from this point onwards. I’d woken up on that first morning in Trondheim with a slightly sore throat, which then proceeded to get worse and worse over the next day or so. I couldn’t get to a doctor quite as soon as I would have liked, as we spent 36 hours on a boat between Trondheim and Bergen; 36 hours that were not improved by the fact that I am that token character that gets seasick. I spent the better part of a day lying in a bunk with my face pressed into the pillow, trying not to be sick. Hurrah! Thankfully I awoke the next morning to find much calmer water and gorgeous clear weather, so I got to spend a few slightly-less-forlorn hours watching the Norwegian coast sailing past in the sunlight that had so forsaken us in Trondheim.

Upon our arrival in Bergen I not only found a doctor but also managed not to cry in relief when he prescribed me some antibiotics. Buoyed up by the idea that in a day or so I’d start feeling better, I managed to crawl out of bed for a couple of hours to ride the Fløibanen funicular (I like this word more than I should). The city looked gorgeous from above, especially as we’d been favoured with what I’m told was uncharacteristically lovely sunny weather (apparently it rains a great deal in Bergen, not that you’d be able to tell from when we were there). Once at the top we stumbled around a beautiful, partly frozen lake. The water was so still and clear that in many places the only way you could tell whether the water was actually frozen was to reach down and touch it. Not living in a country where we regularly see frozen lakes, I was also entranced by the patterns that the ice had formed.

Unfortunately this was pretty much the last day on the trip that I was out and about for sightseeing. Despite the antibiotics I went on to get a whole lot sicker; my only real experience of Oslo was staggering to the hostel, thankfully too out of it to register that it was -5 degrees. And by the time we arrived back in Paris I was far too ill to eat any of the gorgeous food I’d been looking forward to. Such is life sometimes.

Getting home was, erm, quite horrible actually. We had a 12 hour flight from Paris to Shanghai, a 12 hour stopover in Shanghai and then another 10 hour flight home to Melbourne. Not so fun when can’t eat, are suffering from the good old cough-’til-you-vomits and getting regular nosebleeds. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to be back home, though it was nearly another week before I was approaching healthy. I have literally never been so sick in my life! It’s a bit ridiculous really; these days I only ever get really ill when I travel (last time I was that sick was on last year’s trip to the US). I suppose it makes sense really; a new country brings with it slightly different versions of all of the bugs to which your immune system has grown used and flying puts stress on the body. But man is it annoying! Still, illness notwithstanding, it was a wonderful trip and one that I feel very grateful to have had.

So now I’m back home again, with a very decadent amount of free time on my hands. And of course, with free time comes the usual; cooking, crafty doings (I abhor ‘crafting’ as a word and I don’t know why), books, friends, and all the other wonderful things. AND SO MUCH SUMMER FRUIT *swoon*

It’s good to be home!

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2 Responses to Norway

  1. Sonia says:

    I’m sorry to hear you were so ill in your time away. You are a great story-teller, it’s wonderful to read about your experiences and your photography is fantastic… that lake is amazing! Thank you!

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