Denmark and Sweden

Hello blog. I am currently breathing deep appreciative breaths of humid Melbourne night air and loving every second of it. That’s right; I’m back home again. I was going to post another update from the trip, but things did not end up going quite as I’d planned, in a number of ways. But we’ll get to that later.

After Amsterdam we took the train to Copenhagen. The weather was a bit overcast while we were there (not that we were really expecting otherwise, travelling in November), but it was still a very beautiful city. We took a boat around the harbour, wandered through the streets and I had a giggle over the fact that the supermarket stocked a line of cheeses named after deities in Norse mythology.

After Copenhagen it was off to Sweden. Sweden was lovely; the cities were beautiful, the food was delicious and it seemed like everyone who lived there was ridiculously good looking. Seriously, I was better looking in Sweden, just because I was there. We started off in Gothenburg where we wandered around the older districts and spent some time admiring the botanical gardens. I imagine the gardens are even nicer in spring/summer, but they were still lovely even in late autumn. Their greenhouse had a carnivorous plant section, which of course filled me with glee, because it’s me and I am a complete hopeless nerd for all things to do with carnivorous plants. But look at these pitcher plants; aren’t they just beautiful!?

After Gothenburg we took yet another train and arrived in Stockholm, another very lovely city. We had a lot of fun wandering through the old streets and traipsing over bridges. Not to mention eating; standout was an amazing dish involving beetroot and potato with goat cheese, and I’m not actually sure that there was ever a point at which I stopped snacking on graddost cheese. Graddost cheese is my new boyfriend, along with stroopwafel. Omnomnom.

After our time in Stockholm drew to a close, it was time for yet another train trip. There were a lot of train trips. But I was armed with lace knitting and the new George RR Martin book on my e-reader, so I feared no commute, not matter how epic in duration! Good thing too, since the next trip was a hefty one; all the way to Trondheim in Norway. But more on Norway next post!

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4 Responses to Denmark and Sweden

  1. KristininLondon says:

    Oooh… Can’t wait to read your next post about Norway, my home land. Lots and lots of knitting inspiration to be found there for sure!

    Thank you for sharing,

    Kristin X

  2. Great pictures! Your travel looks so great!

  3. Melanie says:

    Beautiful photography! Sweden, Norway and Finland are the 3 counries in the world I most long to visit. Needless to say I am insanely jealous!

  4. Abby says:

    I love carnivorous plants too, and yes, those pitcher plants are beautiful. Is it because they’re in Sweden?

    I’m looking forward to the Norway travels – I just watched a movie about their trolls!

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