Finished Object: Kingfisher Girl

Hello blog! I have been busy! Apparently my last blog post, in which I sheepishly admitted that I hadn’t yet gotten around to fixing my little cable arse-up on my Corona pullover, was more motivational than I originally realised. Last Saturday my plans for the day fell through and I was left with a delicious unexpected day off to play with. So the cable panel and I sat down together with a cup of tea and worked out our differences. It was actually pretty easy when I just sat down and got to it. The block was all in my head, as these things often are.

The crisis averted, the rest was all incredibly easy knitting. I knocked off the yoke and hood during this week, grafted the seams yesterday and as of this morning I have a brand spanking new pullover to reward me for my diligence. Yay for positive reinforcement!

Pattern: Corona, by CanarySanctuary

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers (Colour 4009), 3.5 skeins.

Needles: 4.5mm circulars

Wharblegarble: I love how this came out. But frankly, I was expecting to love it because I’ve made the pattern before and I loved the end product the first time around as well. The last one, however, was made in a variegated yarn and I wanted to try the pattern again in a plain colour.  And I do love this colour. These pictures don’t do it justice; it’s actually an incredibly vivid shade of blue with a hint of green. I once had a pencil this colour which declared itself to be “Kingfisher Blue”. Bird nerd that I am, this pleased me greatly.

This is an amazing pattern. I love the deep neckline and hood, and the waist ribbing makes for a very flattering fit, or it does on my body type anyway (which I’m very grateful for, as those buttoned at the top, loose around the waist cardigans that are currently so popular, while gorgeous, do me no favours whatsoever). It’s also a very forgiving pattern. I made an embarrassing amount of mistakes while working on this and it still came out looking marvellous.

I made some modifications. Some of them were even on purpose. Most noticeably, I changed the cable. I liked the original, but I wanted something a little more defined and delicate, so I dug out some graph paper and doodled up something that would fit across the 20 stitch cable panel. I’m very, very happy with how it looks (even though I made so many errors with the crosses that it is a very idiosyncratic cable indeed). I also lengthened the sleeves and hood just a little.

All in all, love it. Love the pattern, love the fit, love the colour. I am a big, squooshy ball of love for this pullover and I am ever so glad I finally got off my arse and finished it. I haven’t actually taken it off since I took these pictures. Nor do I plan on taking it off until bed. Now if you’ll excuse, the pullover and I have a date with the market.

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5 Responses to Finished Object: Kingfisher Girl

  1. Ana says:

    Ooooh, I love it! I have one in a very similar color that’s been waiting to be washed and blocked since August, but with longer sleeves and a couple of other mods. Yours turned out great; love the different cable!

  2. Sonia says:

    It is stunning! I’m very jealous

  3. Melanie says:

    Great jumper, lovely fit.

  4. lucette says:

    Such a fabulous colour and style on you. I am impressed that you sat down and worked out the stumbling blocks to finish your sweater. I have one sweater that I am stuck on too, so I am sitting down to sort it out.

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