August already?

Hee, well that was a bit of a blog-fail, wasn’t it? What can I say; life has been busy. We had a particularly vicious deadline at work on June 30th, so that contributed a bit to my silence, but generally it’s just been life being busy.

There’s been lots of cooking:

These pumpkin, cinnamon and maple buns were last week’s adventure. The recipe can be found here: uncharacteristically, I followed it very closely and the result was delicious. After icing them I popped out for a few drinks with some friends and upon my return, a short while after midnight, I was very happy to find cinnamon buns in my kitchen. Oh Anna, you’re so smart! (why yes Anna, I know!)

In another stroke of arrogantly self-declared culinary brilliance (I like to think that these occasions make up for all of the times that I eat breakfast cereal three meals in a row) I decided to use some leftover lemon, honey and lavender biscuit dough to make tiny cases, which I then filled with home-made lemon and orange curd and topped with berries. Omnomnomnomnom. A little over the top. But in a most excellent way.

I have been getting a fair bit of knitting done too. I made a cute little purple cardigan for a coworker’s wee baby, out of the lovely Dream in Colour Classy pictured in the last post. Then I forgot to photograph it before giving it to her. Nice one Anna, you collossal dork. Perhaps this is all more evidence that my priorities are slightly out of whack; what I meant to say just now is that she loved the cardigan and it fit perfectly so all is well and as it should be. Just photo-less. Pout. Though I’m currently working on a baby cardigan for another friend’s as-yet-unborn wee one and I’ll definitely remember to take a photo of this one (it’s far too cute for me to forget).

As mentioned last post, I’m also working on another Corona pullover, since I love my older one so much. Wow, I just realised that I’m actually making good on my knitting plans from last post. I feel so virtuous. Anyway, the pullover is coming along nicely. I just finished the second sleeve so now it’s just the yoke and the hood to go. I created my own cable to substitute the one used in the pattern. It works just fine, but I managed to botch it a little and I’m not ripping back because it would be a collossal pain in the arse. So it’s a design feature. At least it’s a symmetrical botch. And with cables, it’s the symmetry that counts, right? Right?!

It’s not really looking like a garment yet. But the body section is big enough to wear on my head! What’s that? You demand proof?!

I’ve also been hatching travel plans, because it’s me and this is what I do; the wanderlust is strong in this one. Nothing concrete yet, but I will keep you posted, dear blog of mine. Hah, ‘keep you posted’. Because it’s a blog. Geddit?


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1 Response to August already?

  1. Cadence says:

    It’s great to hear from you! I’ve been struggling to not fail at both blogging and keeping up with blogs, lately. But, it seems like we’ve both been improving with posting. The yarn looks delicious, and so does the food! I can’t wait to see finished products, and good luck with getting the most out of your free time!

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