Food + yarn = life is quite grand, thank you!

This is me not letting a month elapse between posts. I feel so virtuous.

Actually, I feel like I’ve turned somewhat of a corner on the creating/blogging front. For ages now I’ve had trouble finding the energy, given how taxing work has been with the overtime and weekend shifts and all. The really frustrating thing has been knowing that there is actually time to do everything I want to, but having so much trouble in managing said time. And finding it surprisingly difficult to actually step away from the computer for five minutes. I love the internet dearly – hence, you know, the blog and all – but it can be a really mixed blessing when it comes to how you use your free time. It’s so easy to fritter hours away reading blogs and checking emails. Still, the last week I’ve become a little better at putting the mouse down (okay, perhaps that was poorly phrased, as I now have this wonderful mental image of me attempting to use a mouse by waving it in the air). Let’s hope it lasts.

All that said, I don’t have a finished object shot to wave at you. Soon; I have my first attempt at a cowl about to come off the needles, but right now it is still most definitely on the needles. Instead, I will blather about food. Food is one calling to which I have remained surprisingly dutiful, despite my recent tiredness and lack of time. This is probably because, for better or worse, I rely on food to motivate me. It is just so much easier to go to work in the morning when I know I have a lunch of delicious leftovers awaiting me.

Pie is always a good idea. And so easy to make when you cheat and use bought pastry. All you basically do is pile delicious things into pastry and cook them. Why doesn’t everyone make pie all of the time?

I’ve also been feeling the love for pasta salad. I couldn’t find recipes I liked, so I made some up. My standby is the above: fusilli, roasted tomatoes/garlic/onion, baby spinach, fresh basil, ricotta cheese, lemon zest/juice, olive oil and plenty of pepper. It’s stupidly quick and easy. The only time consuming part is roasting the veg and all that involves is some chopping, followed by thrusting everything hurriedly into the oven. After that there’s just a little bit more cooking and then you have delicious salad for days.

And with delicious food comes a need for delightful beverages. Perhaps mulled wine is not quite so work appropriate, but it’s certainly winter appropriate and winter has definitely arrived down here. So I regret nothing! And look how beautiful it looks. I used this recipe; there are a lot of different variations kicking around, but I am lazy and wanted a really basic one that only called for things I usually have kicking around the house. I am not sorry I made this. Not at all.

And this isn’t food at all. But it is delicious. I don’t really have any justification for buying more yarn when I’ve been knitting so slowly over the last while. But oh well. I at least have projects in mind. The blue Cascade is going to be another Corona pullover, since I adored my last one so much and I think it will do me good to work on a pattern not my own for a change. The purple Dream in Colour is going to be a cardigan for a coworker’s baby. And, erm, the Malabrigo was just pure impulse buy, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it. Definitely!

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3 Responses to Food + yarn = life is quite grand, thank you!

  1. Lucette says:

    I have been making a lot more lighter foods here,salads and such as we are going into summer here. The blue skeins look fantastic–looking forward to you project.

  2. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Absolutely stunning photography, delicious even.

  3. KristininLondon says:

    Hi! I just bumped into your blog, and I adore it 🙂 I also have a keen knitting interest, which started about a year ago (so I am still very much a beginner). I live in London, and I am having trouble finding good yarn outlets. The only one I’ve found is the haberdash section at John Lewis. Do you have any suggestions for stores or websites where I can buy good quality yarn? All the best to you and your many projects! X

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