Finished Object: Dark and Hoodie

So, I finally finished the black pullover that I’ve been mentioning for, oh, months now. Man, but it has been slow on the knitting front the last while. Well, actually it’s been slow on the most everything front (everything but work and social life that is), but I suppose that’s just life; hobbies ebb and flow, sometimes through choice and sometimes through circumstance. I’m glad to say I still love knitting, for all that I don’t have as much time for it as I used to.

Anyway, without further ado: finished things!

Pattern: Mine! It lives here!

Yarn: Cleckheaton Machinewash 8ply Crepe

Needles: 5.5mm circulars

Waffley waffle: This started off as an attempt to use up this yarn. I am underwhelmed by this yarn. I picked it up on sale years ago and it’s been languishing in my stash, alone and unloved. I bought it in the first place because it was 100% wool (which is always good) and a basic colour that I wear all the time. Apparently this is not a good reason to buy yarn, though perhaps the fact that it’s kind of boring to knit black things didn’t help matters. Either way, this project put a good hole in the yarn pile. And you know what else? I actually quite like the end result!

Obviously, I made some mods to the pattern. I made the sleeves longer, the neckline slightly narrower, used moss stitch instead of garter on the edgings. And added a pointy hood, just for funsies. I’ve never really embraced the look of short sleeves over long – as a rule I’ve always worn previous incarnations of this pattern over singlet tops – but I think that it’s about time I took the idea out for a spin. Maybe come spring time; stupid Melbourne winter… *shivers*

Thanks to Oscar for helping me take these photos. Leaves me with a free hand to hold my hedonistic beverage! Wenches and mead for all!

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1 Response to Finished Object: Dark and Hoodie

  1. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Very flattering and such a Melbourne colour. Raising a glass of Sloe Gin to your using languishing stash brilliantness.

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