Feeling the Love

Because I am currently in between FOs and stuck for a (long overdue!) blog post, here are a few of the things that I am pretty keen on at the moment. I am currently overtired and just at the point where I want to wave my arms in the air and yell “just give it a bloody rest for a bit” in the universe’s general direction; these are the things that are bringing me pleasure in the mean time.

Farmers’ markets: Okay, so these get blogged about all the time. I’m pretty sure that the blogosphere would implode without farmers’ markets. Or at least need a lot more cat pictures to plug the hole. But I digress: I went to the local monthly farmers’ market on the weekend – a victory in itself because I always intend to go but very rarely get around to it – and acquired all manner of treasures. I bought tomatillos! American readers may not be excited by this, but it’s the first time that I’ve seen them available down here and ever since I visited Texas I have been dreaming of their deliciousness.

Tea: Okay, so this is nothing new; I have loved tea for nearly a decade now. But I have a renewed appreciation. You know how sometimes a comparatively mundane, everyday thing becomes wonderful because you experience it when you’re in absolutely the right mood for it? The hot shower after a stressful day at work, the enormous sandwich when you get back in from a long walk, and so on. Normally I am a green tea drinker, but the other day at work I had a cup of black tea with milk and sugar. In the bright, overly air conditioned office, to my poor, worn down mid-afternoon self, it was nothing short of magic. Never to be recreated magic, but I’m still trying! I’m also feeling the love for genmaicha. I tried it last year and then promptly forgot about it, but it’s great when it’s cold outside. There’s a kind of substantial, smoky taste to it that I love.

Screen Printing Ink: Totally awesome fun. I had a plain cotton tank top that I rarely wore even though it was comfortable because it was kind of boring looking. More than that, it was that shade of gray. The tatty-old-tracksuit-that’s-seen-better-days kind of gray. I sunk in an hour or two with some ink and a paintbrush and now I adore it. Good plan!

Buckles: I’ll say this for the benefit of those who haven’t seen me stomping around in my giant, size 11 boots with all their delightfully superfluous metal fastenings. I really like buckles… But I’ve never tried to work them into my knitting. Until now…

Hopefully you’ll get to see the results sooner rather than later… Take care, dear internet!

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