Finished Object: City Nights Scarf

As mentioned last post, I had a brand new full-time job sprung on me last week. This was of course a very pleasant surprise; it’s only a temporary position, but I’m learning lots of useful and interesting things, and now I can justify a little more internet retail therapy to capitalise on the Aussie dollar being so strong. However, settling into a new job means not having much brain space for other things. Thankfully, it turns out that I can knit garter stitch even when brain dead.

Pattern: It’s a garter stitch scarf, people – what do you want me to say?!

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply (bit over half a 200g ball), Noro Silk Garden (little over a ball and a half) and Fibranatura Sensational (1 ball).

Needles: 4.5mm bamboo straights.

Rambling: I know it’s simple, but I really, really love this. It’s been on the cards for a while too. Remember how a few posts ago I wrote about wanting to knit a few things out of the Awesome Blue Notebook of knitting ideas? Well, this is one such knit, for all that it’s basic. If you click the above link and check out the shot of the notebook pages, you’ll notice that the (rather awful) drawing on the right looks a little familiar.

I had the idea for a mix of narrow stripes and larger blocks while I was doing my internship last year; it sprang into my mind all of a sudden, perhaps from a secluded hiding place behind the photocopier – who can say? At the time I’d just indulged my Noro habit by purchasing two skeins of Silk Garden in a colourway I adored (only two skeins because alas, the internship was an unpaid one and I couldn’t really justify buying more) and I had been wracking my brains as to how to use them to best effect. The idea wandered in and I spent the next few months being fussy about shades of gray. No cliche intended; I couldn’t find a shade of gray that I liked!

I love the final colours, however. I named the scarf as I did because the collection seemed very urban to me: you’ve got the usual blacks and grays of night-time, the yellows and greens of headlights, streetlights and neon signs, and the weird bruised purple-brown shade that the city sky turns at night.

You all know my feelings on Noro, but I’m also very happy with the other yarns I picked; Bendigo Woollen Mills never disappoints, and the Fibranatura was a very pleasant surprise. I’ll definitely use both again; good basic yarns. And I think that the thing that I’ve realised is that while I love Noro to a stupid extent, I often like it best when it’s combined with plainer yarns. Garments and large accessories made entirely of Noro, while lovely, are often just a little bit much for my tastes. Bonus: this approach also has the benefit of being a lot kinder on my bank account.

This photo is brutally efficient. It shows the scarf, true enough, but recall that earlier comment about online retail therapy? What the above photo also shows is my totally awesome new earrings. I got them from this Etsy store and I am quite recklessly in love with them. As observant readers might have already noticed, I really love the look of gauged ears, but to be honest, don’t really fancy anything that permanent. This is a compromise that makes me very happy! People on the tram stop to compliment me!

And now, off to make future knitting plans…

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5 Responses to Finished Object: City Nights Scarf

  1. kgirlknits says:

    scarf is beautiful – totatlly getting the urban nighttime vibe.

    and simple is often the most effective, isn’t it? nothing wrong with that!

  2. Abby says:

    Awesome scarf – I love its length, and it’s name!

    I noticed the earrings in the photo before you even mentioned them. I would be one of those stop-on-the-trammers.

  3. Sonia says:

    Gorgeous scarf! I love how you’ve combined Noro with plainer yarns.

  4. gattoknits says:

    I love your earrings! Awesome!
    It’s true, garter is veeery forgiving, when it comes to “too tired to think” 🙂

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