Long Hauls

Alas, I have been a bad blogger the last week and a bit. I sometimes have trouble thinking of what to write during the times I don’t have finished objects to post about. Like right now. I have actually been doing quite a lot of knitting. I’ve been listening to lots of Japanese language podcasts, trying to get back onto the language learning wagon. The Boy and I have been spending our evenings gradually watching our way through Breaking Bad (awesome show, though not for the faint of heart or stomach). And since I’m no longer studying, in between the shifts at work and job interviews I have had lots of delicious down time. All of these things have made for a lot of knitting time. I’ve been working away on my blanket and on my never-ending fingering weight garment. I’ve also started on a scarf.

Unfortunately however, the size of these projects means that I won’t be writing finished objects posts about them for a little while yet. I think I see a need for some more small projects in my future. Most definitely.

Thankfully, this last week did see me finish a project that had been eating a lot of my time over the last while. My sewing skills are, frankly, beginner level at best, but a while back I saw this skirt on Cut Out + Keep and wondered if I could do something similar with some of the fabric scraps I had lying around. This idea in itself was not a bad one, but it then gave rise to about eleven different bad decisions. I picked fabric that was quite difficult for a beginner like myself to work with; it curled, the pile made it shift when you pinned the right sides together and you couldn’t press it flat. I also had a bunch of truly colossal lapses in common sense while planning and had to redo several sections. I assembled the pieces the difficult way around. I did probably everything wrong that it was possible to do wrong. It took forever to finish.

The weird thing: it all worked out in the end. Would I do it again? RESOUNDING NO. But that said, I really love this skirt.

Actually, despite the above vow, I may try another similar project in future. But you know, actually employ common sense this time around.

In closing, this week I also made chocolate salted caramel cupcakes for my coworkers.

Omnomnom. More knitting in the next post, I promise!

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3 Responses to Long Hauls

  1. Sonia says:

    It may not be knitting, but I love that skirt! Too bad I’ve sworn off sewing… cupcakes nom nom

  2. Denise says:

    That’s a great skirt, nice work!

  3. Dena says:

    Oh, I think it’s beautiful!

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