Seasonally Inappropriate

Over the last few posts I’ve alluded to the fact that I was recently on holiday, but I didn’t actually say that much about it. So, here’s an elaboration! As I usually do in January, I went up to a little seaside town in northern New South Wales with my brother and a handful of others. This town is one of my favourite places in the entire world. I am rarely happier than when I’m there, wandering aimlessly along the beach.

The weather was a bit dour for the first part of the trip, though of course we weren’t complaining, given the dreadful floods that were going on not too far to the north. The beach was closed so we spent a lot of time watching movies, cooking delicious things and snatching quick walks in between rainstorms. However, after the first ten days the weather cleared up and we were treated to some beautiful sunshine. I spent a lot of time walking, swimming, reading under my favourite frangipane tree and paddling the surf ski up into the estuary at high tide.

And of course, there was knitting. Just not while I was on the surf ski – that would have been a very soggy experience. I made the hat that I have already posted about and I also started work on a log cabin blanket designed to use up some of my overflowing stash.

I’ll concede that knitting a blanket while on a beach-centric holiday is possibly a slightly odd thing to do. But log cabin squares are fun, easy, addictive and something that I could do while we all watched movies in the evening. I was underwhelmed by the yarn at first; it was a little loosely spun and the colour changes were very rapid in some parts of the ball and non-existent in others (“What’s that, yarn? You’re going to be charcoal grey for the rest of the ball, you say?”). But after I’d worked a few repeats I began to really like the way that the squares were looking and alternating skeins helped the colour issue.

However, the fact that I like it is actually a little problematic. I only had four balls of the yarn and decided at the outset that it would be a small blanket because of this. But now that I’m so keen on how it looks, I would dearly love to make it larger. But alas, I suspect that the yarn is discontinued. So unless I can scab a few more balls off cooperative Ravellers, poor Mr Blanket may be forever doomed to remaining lap size. On a completely unrelated note, if any readers have extra balls of Moda Vera Picchio in ‘Bark’, you should totally drop me a line!

But even if I can’t find any more yarn, all will be well. The blanket will still be a little bigger than pictured, as I’m planning on spacing the squares out with strips of another colour; the squares in the above picture are just placed next to each other, not sewn. Erm, and while we’re making confessions, the ends aren’t even woven in yet; I just tucked them underneath for the photo because I am slovenly. For shame, Anna…

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4 Responses to Seasonally Inappropriate

  1. Sonia says:

    I love your blanket, sorry I don’t have any of the same yarn to help you out.

  2. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Great yarn and pattern match. Looking really lovely, I hope you find some more yarn.

  3. Jen says:

    i really really like the way the colours play in that blanket!

  4. Abby says:

    As I was reading and admiring, I was thinking how much I liked the “colour issue”. Shame that the yarn is discontinued! Sounds like a lovely holiday. I want one.

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