Finished Object: Holiday Shawl

Anyone who reads this blog and has a halfway decent memory might recall that a few months back I was lucky enough to go travelling around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I always go on holidays intending to get lots of knitting done, and given the amount of time I inevitably spend sitting on buses/boats/trains, you’d think that this would be a fair assumption. Not the case: I actually got very little done by way of knitting on this trip. What can I say, except that staring out of the window at the Cambodian countryside whooshing past is more compelling than the prospect of making loops out of string (for all that I do adore the latter activity).

However, I did find the time (at some point in Phnom Penh, I believe) to cast on for a shawl, which I then worked on over the course of the trip, just doing a little bit here and there. I managed to, erm, misplace the project when I got back to Melbourne, but not long after returning from my recent jaunt to NSW I found it again and dredged up the time and motivation required to actually finish it.

Pattern: Didn’t use one: it’s just a basic triangular shawl (M1 increases along the spine and edges on right side rows) with a 2 row stripe pattern and garter stitch edging. I carried the yarn not in use up the side of the work. That’s about all there was to it!

Yarn: Wired for Fibre Rita in ‘Sunflowers’ (to this day, the only yellow yarn I’ve instantly fallen in love with) and Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in ‘Blue Glasynys’.

Needle: 5mm circular

Waffle waffle: I’m really happy with how this came out, especially since I approached it in a manner that probably couldn’t have been more absent minded. Also, I think it’s official: wearing certain colours as part of your school uniform does NOT put you off said colour combination for life, as I’ve had an odd obsession with blue and yellow over the last while and it’s obviously still going strong.

The only thing I’m unsure about regarding this shawl is which way out to wear it; about halfway through the project, I realised that I actually liked the striping on the wrong side better than on the front of the shawl. Oh well, worse problems to have!

The yarns, of course, are gorgeous. The Ultra Alpaca was left over from my Gathered Pullover (one of my all time favourite knits) and it pairs wonderfully with the Wired for Fibre. I love the way that the variegated yellow looks with the solid blue; it gives an almost psychedelic look.

This post puts me up to date with summer FO posts; they’ve all been blogged! Now I just need to, erm, finish the things I’m halfway through. My green stripey cardigan is coming along ever so s-l-o-w-l-y, but I suppose that’s to be expected since it’s fingering weight yarn on 3.5mm needles. I consider myself to be making very impressive progress if I get even a single inch done in a day. There’s also a blanket in the works, which I’ll post about next time. Until then!

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4 Responses to Finished Object: Holiday Shawl

  1. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Your absolutely right, right way round is great, back to front is betterer. Isn’t it fab when that happens, yarn gods are loving you right now or what!

  2. Kgirlknits says:

    i *always* love reverse stocking stitch stripes….ALWAYS! looks fab-o đŸ™‚

  3. Abby says:

    Very nice! And I like the color scheme despite the school spirit. And a blanket in the works! It dawns on me that with all this knitting reading I do hear, I’ve yet to see a blanket. I’ll standby, all bug-eyed in waiting.

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