2010 in Review, Part One

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, being firmly of the belief that if you’re really determined to do something, you should just start immediately instead of waiting for a new year to roll around. That said, I do find it interesting to take the opportunity to look backwards at what I wanted to do in 2010 and forwards to what I’d like to do in the future.

2010 was a bit of a mixed bag as far as knitting was concerned. I got a bit done and I published my first proper design, which was super-cool. But I was lacking in motivation for a lot of the year; I started projects and let them languish. Many projects didn’t really get off the ground. Perhaps it was because I was trying to work on too many of my own designs, something that always makes me go slower because I have to stop and think or, heaven forbid, try my hand at some maths.Whatever the reason was, my productivity was not fantastic as far as knitting went.

Last February I wrote a blog post about the knitting that I wanted to do in 2010. This entry was characteristically rambling, but what it boiled down to was that I wanted to do more cabling, more stripes, more shawls and more basics that I would actually wear on a day to day basis. Did I succeed in this? Well, the predictable and completely unexciting answer to that question is: somewhat.

I didn’t end up knitting that many cabled items. That said, the one cabled project that I did complete, I absolutely love. I wore my Druidess beret half to death this year. Its project shot even served as my Facebook profile picture for quite some time (despite being taken in a friend’s bathroom – nice one, Anna).

Let’s move on to stripes: did I knit many projects in this category? The answer for this question is a decisive ‘yes’! 2010 featured a stripey hat, stripey socks, stripey hand-warmers and a stripey shawl. Currently on the needles is a stripey cardigan and yet another stripey shawl. Blue and yellow was the combination that featured most prominently, but colours striped with neutrals have also made their presence felt (as with the Nausicaa shawl, the project where my long fondled Sundara Sock yarn finally found a home). In conclusion, stripes were definitely represented in 2010. And you know what? I don’t see this changing in 2011. I am still feeling the stripey love.

However, despite the fact that the above photo might lead you to think otherwise, I’m not sure I can really claim the same success for my shawl resolution. I knitted a few shawls, but to be honest, I haven’t worn them very often. The above pictured shawl sadly had a hole torn in it not long after completion (and my attempt to repair it was so dreadful it makes me sad to look at it – though I really must get back to it and neaten it up, because it’s still wearable). My Annis shawl is beautiful but I have trouble wearing it effectively – it’s a little too narrow, and not as easy to work into an outfit as the triangle style shawls.

And as far basics go, aside from the aforementioned beret, I’m quite sad to say that I didn’t really knit anything this year that I proceeded to wear all of the time. That’s not to say that I don’t wear any of the things I made. My Mythos cardigan has already gotten a few wears, as have my mitts and hats. But I don’t think I’ve made anything that I’ve really fallen in love with. This is disappointing, but alas, these things happen. I’ll have to make more of an effort on this one in 2011.

All in all, I really think that 2009 was a bit better for knitting than 2010. But perhaps that’s to be expected: I was very busy this year and work and study did not leave a whole lot of spare time for knitting. I travelled a lot as well, and although you would think that this would provide me with plenty of knitting time, I haven’t always found that to be the case. Whenever opportunities presented themselves, the inclination was always absent, and vice versa. At any rate, despite being far from awful, 2010 could have been better on the knitting front. I’ll just have to make sure that 2011 is better!

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2 Responses to 2010 in Review, Part One

  1. Abby says:

    Wonderful reflections and optimism! I’m not much of a resolutionist myself either, but find it fun to look back.

    Here’s to another (even more) cabley stripey year for you!

  2. Cadence says:

    May 2011 be a yarn-filled, super-productive year for you! (Although, in my opinion you did quite well in 2010.)

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