The Grand Hand-Spinning Adventure

Like many knitters, I have been trying to teach myself to spin. Or more accurately, I taught myself how to spin last year and I have spent the intervening period trying to learn how to not suck most heinously* at it.

I’ve had a hard time staying motivated though. I very much enjoy the process of spinning. I find it extraordinarily soothing. But initially I was a bit garbage at it. And when I got better at the actual process and was able to produce something that was recognisably yarn, often the results would underwhelm me for other reasons. The fibre wouldn’t really thrill me, or the colour would be one that I couldn’t see myself getting any use out of. Admittedly these problems were due solely to the presence of crappy ‘learning’ fibre in my stash, but they still managed to quell my enthusiasm a bit.

Thankfully though, as of yesterday, I can rest safe in the knowledge that I can actually spin yarn that I want to use, yarn that I appreciate on its own terms and not just because I made it myself. Behold! Anna appropriate yarn!

The fibre was some Stranded in Oz merino that I bought at the 2009 Bendigo Sheep Show. I loved it rather a lot, but was determined not to use it until I’d gotten all of my learner frustrations out on my practice fibre. I finally deemed it to be the ‘right time’ a month or so ago. I spun it into singles first and then plied them, having discovered that plying is super awesome fun and makes my lousy attempts at spinning look a whole lot better. It’s still a bit uneven, but I really love the finished product; unsurprising with my penchant for green. I have every intention of making it into a hat sometime in the new year.

Happily, the enthusiasm about this finished skein seems to have carried over. I’m now itching to break out more of my nicer fibre. No spending required: I have some nice things from ms gusset and two if by hand just waiting for me to put the computer games down and attack them with my new-found zeal.

In other news, I have been working away on my socks. All of the striping has reminded me of something that I really love about knitting with multiple colours: those points where you start the first row of the new colour. There’s something about knitting a stitch with a different colour to that the previous row that pleases me greatly; you get to see the contrast between the two colours up close and personal**. Wheee!

* Why yes, I do have a love of ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ that adulthood shall never diminish.

** It’s a shame that this awesome phenomenon is illustrated by such a lousy photo.

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5 Responses to The Grand Hand-Spinning Adventure

  1. Sonia says:

    Yummy handspun! Did you spin it on a wheel or a spindle?

    The socks look like a bit of fun, not a bad photo at all.

    • Anna says:

      Just on a spindle! I would of course love a wheel, but given my budget and space constraints, it would probably be a rather bad idea to invest in one.

      Does that stop me from wanting one? Unfortunately not…

  2. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Way hay! Gorgeous handspun!
    I just have to finish spinning some learner tops and ply then I’m going to spindle my proper special wool too. I’m also making stripey socks weird eh? I love yours they are very happy looking and I agree with Sonia, I like the photo.

  3. Abby says:

    Your photos are always superb, MINE however, suck most heinously.

    Successful spinning looks and sounds very satisfying.

  4. Guzzisue says:

    lovin’ the handspun 🙂

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