Christmas and Kitchen Mayhem

Greetings all – I hope that everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year, if anything). Mine was, as always, pretty low-key, which is just the way I prefer it! Alas, I had to work on Christmas Eve and when you work in retail, even the most pleasant, hitch-free Christmas Eve is going to be a bit of an ordeal. Still, in the evening I came home and spent a quiet night pottering around in the kitchen (making my vegetarian option for Christmas lunch, butterscotch sauce and delicious savoury biscuits), watching ‘Watchmen’ and messing around on the internet. It was rather lovely. I also spent a couple of minutes attempting to decorate the tree (I had one decoration and had to make the rest from scrap paper, but these things happen).

I didn’t go all out on hand-made Christmas gifts this year. I would have but to be honest, most of the people I give gifts to would probably prefer something other than a hand-knitted thing. Some of them have very particular tastes and probably wouldn’t wear the kinds of things I could make for them. Others just don’t tend to wear knitted things at all, be they hand-made or shop bought. I still do knit things for people when they request them, but I don’t really want to saddle people with things they don’t really want just because I happen to enjoy making clothes from string. So it was pretty quiet on the hand-made gift front this year. Not silent though – I knitted one thing and I also made some chocolate bark (inspired by this recipe, even though I didn’t follow it in any way whatsoever; I used a mix of dark and milk chocolate with dried cranberries, dried blueberries and roasted hazelnuts).

Shiny and nice looking, yes? Anyway, so having survived the hectic haze that is December 25th, I now find myself merrily washed up on the peaceful shores of Boxing Day, accompanied by all of the leftovers I can eat. Life is good and I am happy. I have a bit over a week before I shoot through to other places (again) and I plan to spend it on some much needed down-time. And also on addressing that growing pile of half-finished knitting projects *wince*. I have a shawl and some socks (both blue and yellow stripes – I think I’m going through a phase) that can probably be finished fairly quickly, but I am harbouring no illusions about finishing the fingering weight cardigan before I go away.

Not Going To Happen. Nevertheless, knitting there shall be!

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