Back to Real Life

As I mentioned last post, while I love travelling, I’m also pretty keen on coming home again. Travel means seeing awesome new things (and then photographing, patting or ingesting them), but being at home means I can resume my ongoing mission to have too many hobbies and to never sleep ever. Yay? It turns out that very slight jet-lag and the urge to do crafty things with string are a pretty deadly combination, but I’m happy to say that the hours I am keeping are finally becoming reasonable again.

The only remaining problem is the dearth of time that usually occurs around this time of year. Oh, and the terminal case of start-itis I’ve been suffering from for a while now. I’ve had trouble committing to a knitting project, and it’s been ages since I’ve actually finished something. AGES. I think I’m finally coming good though – I have settled down with a cardigan that I’m finding very therapeutic. Just don’t expect to see it any time soon – it’s knit on 3.5mm needles out of fingering weight yarn. *sigh* I really wish that I could kick my developing habit of making such lightweight garments, but apparently it’s the current Big Thing in Anna Land.

In the mean time, there have been plenty  of non-knitting related endeavours. I started a batch of this, because it sounded too nice to ignore.

I tried my hand at some very basic cardboard weaving using this tutorial. For all that my strip of fabric looks very basic, I was actually really happy with the result. Far more happy than a normal person should be, but that’s okay – after all this time, I’m getting accustomed to my alarming tendency to be excited by things like this. I’m thinking that over the next while I’ll try and weave some place-mats and coasters from some poor languishing cotton yarn that’s been lying around for what feels like eternity. Oh, and I got a new pencil case that I’m very pleased with. I never thought I would like orange, but I’m quite keen on it here.

Seeing that it had had its steeping time while I was overseas, I completed the final stages of the hazelnut extract I posted about before I left. It turned out beautifully. I have given most of it to the friend who kindly donated the vodka for the project, but I kept some of it for myself. I used some in the icing of the cupcakes that I made for my extended family Christmas party; they were Gorgeous.

And because it’s that time of year, I have been making Christmas cards. Why is it that people appreciate home-made cards so much more than home-made presents? *shrug*

Alas, I have also been working a lot, which has limited my crafting time. But I’m really hoping that I’ll get some sewing in before my annual January beach pilgrimage. I wonder if I could sew my own board shorts. Because me and my Melbourne tan don’t look ridiculous enough on the New South Wales coast already…


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