Hello dear blog and/or readers – I have returned! To the blog, and also back home to Melbourne. I had every intention of updating the blog as I travelled, but my internet connections along the way had other ideas. Some days I could get WordPress going but uploading pictures was definitely out of the question, and in some places I couldn’t even get that far! So unfortunately, instead of hearing about it all as it happened, you’ll all just have to put up with a couple of rapid fire posts summarising it. The up-side is that the posts will be accompanied by pictures of gorgeous scenery and a valiant attempt at travel writing.

(note that she doesn’t say “gorgeous pictures of scenery”. It was the countryside that was gorgeous, not my photography. But I’m not sure that anyone has the photography skills to do justice to Angkor Wat…)

So, erm, stay tuned for holiday posts!

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1 Response to Returned!

  1. Sonia says:

    Glad to hear you’re back, safe and well!

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