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The Grand Hand-Spinning Adventure

Like many knitters, I have been trying to teach myself to spin. Or more accurately, I taught myself how to spin last year and I have spent the intervening period trying to learn how to not suck most heinously* at … Continue reading

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Christmas and Kitchen Mayhem

Greetings all – I hope that everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year, if anything). Mine was, as always, pretty low-key, which is just the way I prefer it! Alas, I had … Continue reading

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Back to Real Life

As I mentioned last post, while I love travelling, I’m also pretty keen on coming home again. Travel means seeing awesome new things (and then photographing, patting or ingesting them), but being at home means I can resume my ongoing … Continue reading

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Yet More Travel: Laos and Chiang Mai

I’ll do my best to conclude my travel tales in this post, because I’m sure everyone is getting mighty sick of me prattling about my trip. Besides, I have recent crafty endeavours to post about! After a (brief!) rest in … Continue reading

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More travel: Battambang, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

After we left Phnom Penh behind (thankfully in time to avoid the dreadful stampede that happened a few days later), we travelled by bus to the town of Battambang and the next day got on a riverboat to head to … Continue reading

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Hello dear blog and/or readers – I have returned! To the blog, and also back home to Melbourne. I had every intention of updating the blog as I travelled, but my internet connections along the way had other ideas. Some … Continue reading

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