Finished Object: Tweedmobile Cardigan


Okay, I know it’s a ridiculous name. But I just couldn’t help myself. And frankly, I’ve been going on this one for so long that I’m just glad to have it done, even if the name I’ve given it does sound a touch moronic.

Pattern: My own.

Yarn: Grignasco Tango, 4.7 balls.

Needles: 4mm circulars for the body, dpns for the sleeves.

Blather: Wow, this ended up being a long one; I started it not long after I got back from my holiday in the US. There’s no one reason why it took so long. I wasn’t really feeling the love for it a lot of the time, so I never had that ‘man-I-am-so-excited-about-this-project-let’s-finish-it-NOW’ phase to hurry things along, I suppose. But never mind, it’s done now.

I’m somewhat ambivalent about the final product. It is far from perfect. I wasn’t paying enough attention when I worked the body, so the sleeves are far too baggy under the arm. This is all right from a comfort perspective, because I really hate sleeves that are too tight around the underarm/shoulder, but it doesn’t look fantastic. The body is also slightly too big, so the wide neckline gapes a little. I also wasn’t keen on the way that the upper corners of the neckline form points (visible in the above photo). However, completely by accident, I realised that this could be addressed by fastening the two points together:

I’m still not sure whether this alteration make enough of a difference as far as wearability goes, but I am definitely amused by the results. This cardigan was a fun experiment, if nothing else. It’s also quite comfortable, so I’ll no doubt at least wear it around the house from time to time. I also managed to get some long languishing yarn out of my stash. Always good!

And now I believe it’s time for bed, because I am literally falling asleep at my desk. I’ll probably post again tomorrow regarding the other things that I’ve been up to (and I will have slept by then, so it will be blog post with 20% extra coherency. Always a good thing!). Until then, night night, fair internet!

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