Back again!

Whoops, that was quite a while between posts, wasn’t it? Alas, this time of year will do that to you, because October and November mean the end of semester and final essays respectively. I am currently bogged down in a whole lot of assessment, two thirds of which will probably have a direct impact on next year’s job prospects, so the pressure is well and truly on.

Alas, the throes of essay writing have not left much time for crafting. I’ve been doing an uncharacteristically small amount of knitting. I have, however, developed a case of startitis, so when I do have time to get back to it, there will be plenty of projects to work on. I would like to point out, however, that even though I have been doing a pathetically small amount of crafting, I haven’t been forgetting to take time out and enjoy myself. You know, by doing all of those things that reassure my friends and family that I’m not about to go on some kind of stress induced killing spree. For example, there was a picnic with friends on the kind of glorious day that reminds you how lovely Melbourne can be in spring:

You can never have too many red, blue and white tartan picnic rugs, apparently.

I was also busy with work things. Last weekend we held a fundraiser for Dogtober. Moronic name, good cause. As always, I contributed cupcakes.

And I’ve been feeding myself properly as well (like there was ever any doubt). I was inordinately proud of this turkish-bread-grilled-pizza thing from last week.

Again and again I find myself confused by the idea people seem to have about vegetarian food being boring, or missing something. Could this be more glorious? (I wonder how many people are reading this and quietly murmuring “bacon” to themselves… oh well, no hard feelings, dear omnivores!)

So, that’s a small handful of highlights from my absence. I promise to post sooner next time! Shouldn’t be too difficult – I’m a couple of hours work away from having a finished object to blather about, so stay tuned for that one…

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3 Responses to Back again!

  1. Sonia says:

    Best of luck with your end of school work. I love the doggie prints on your cupcakes. Reading your blog always makes me hungry! Yum.

  2. Abby says:

    I want that turkish bread pizza thing. I do. I would probably be a total vegetarian if I didn’t live with a bunch of carnivorous males. Still, I come very close. I bet if I made this for them, with bacon, they would LOVE it.

    And certainly, a tartan rugged picnic would alleviate any killing spree urges. Glad you are partaking!

  3. merrific says:

    That looks delicious. So many amazing vegetarian options.

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