Food Blog Friday

Today is an inside day; it’s been raining like crazy more or less non-stop, so I’ve been hiding indoors, nursing a cough and feeling sorry for everyone who has to be outside. Like this little guy. Poor soggy bird.

I should knit him a raincoat. Except for all of the reasons why that wouldn’t work.

I’ve spent the day catching up on the university assignments that have an unfortunate tendency to pile up around this time of year, though I’ve also made time for a bit of knitting and working on my recreational writing. Of course, in order to effectively embark upon such grand endeavours, one requires provisions. So this morning I made biscuits, and I am now going to talk about food.

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I love to cook. Or more specifically, I love food, and learning to cook is, I have decided, the best way to ensure that reliably high quality foodstuffs enter my mouth on a regular basis. I especially love baking. I’ve been doing it unaccompanied since I was four (no kidding, but apparently the cakes weren’t edible until I was five), and in the years that have elapsed since then, I’ve gradually acquired somewhat of a reputation for my baked goods. I especially love trying new things, and baking for other people.

So, given this talent, and my obvious propensity for waxing lyrical on the interwebz, why do I not have a food blog? Occasionally I think about starting one, but I always end up deciding against it for one main reason: food blogs require pretty pictures, and I am just no good at taking photos of food (actually, if we’re being honest, I’m not even that good at taking pictures of knitting, but I’m cool with letting that one slide if you guys are). My kitchen has bugger all by way of natural light, and I would generally rather just eat my food than move it to a well-lit location to take a photo of it. I know, I know, I am woefully lacking in commitment to the cause. So in lieu of having a food blog, I’m just going to occasionally blather about food here. Food is kind of a craft, right? Well, the blogosphere seems to back me up, and who are we to argue with the might of the blogosphere?

Today I made these no-bake biscuits. And I have proof! Of both the cooking and the earlier assertion regarding my food photography skills…

Apparently I’m harbouring some kind of subconscious theory that what the food blog world needs is more clothes-pegs and newspapers. But crappy photos aside, these biscuits are really good. It’s a little galling to be bragging about successes with ‘no-bake’ biscuits, since I’m a pretty accomplished baker, and can actually (gasp) work an oven. But these are no less good for being mind-numbingly simple. They’d probably be great for cooking with kids, as long as you kept them away from the stove during the boiling part; they’re easy, really quick, and taste really good. The kind of good where you know you have enough mixture left in the saucepan to shape another one or two biscuits, and you conveniently have enough room on the tray for said biscuits, but the mixture somehow ends up in your mouth anyway.  That kind of good.

These lemon, honey and oat scones have also found their way into my oven a few times over the last couple of weeks. Obviously I’m going through an oat phase (quick, someone make a ‘sowing wild oats’ joke!) at the moment. They’re also very easy and very good. I left the butter and sugar coating off of my scones in a rare moment of culinary austerity – I honestly don’t think that the extra adornment is necessary. On the most recent occasion that I made them, I also threw in some grapefruit zest with the lemon, and the results were very pleasing.

In conclusion, thank you for letting me live out my frustrated food blogger dreams. Stay tuned for the next episode, in which Anna wrangles a cardigan and probably manages to do something wrong.

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1 Response to Food Blog Friday

  1. Abby says:

    This is not news to me: that you like to cook. Your lovely dish pics (with or without newspapers and clothespins) and subsequent salivations have already outed you.

    I enjoy cooking too, and don’t make as much time for it as I should. But some of my best times have been spent in kitchens.

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