Skylines and Steampunk

Good morning all – it’s the first week of my university break, and I had forgotten how much I love a good sleep in now and then. I’ve never been one for excessively late mornings – I get hungry and restless – but not having to set your alarm is simply marvellous, even if you only get up half an hour later than you normally would have. Uni break also means a little extra time for crafty pursuits, which is always welcome. I finished the knitting on my Mythos last night, and today it’s time for seaming, grafting and edgings. I am uncharacteristically excited about this; normally I loathe finishing, but this time I’m just looking forward to the cardigan, and excited about the new things I can move on to when it’s done.

So stay tuned for Mythos. Though it might take a few days to appear, as I have the last few days of my internship later this week, which will leave me with rather limited opportunities to take FO photos in decent light. Oh well. At least when I’m internshipping I get to work in an office with a lovely view.

I love Melbourne. There are always interesting things to see when you look out of the window (which probably isn’t so great when you have a research report to be writing, but oh well!).

And now, time for seaming. Or it will be once I’m done ogling the new Sanguine Gryphon patterns. The theme this time around is steampunk. I’ve always adored the steampunk aesthetic, even though I’ve never had the energy or budget to incorporate the style into my day-to-day wardrobe, so these patterns pleased me greatly. Never before have I felt so compelled to knit a parasol. Just look at it! Awesome!

(image from the Sanguine Gryphon site)

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