Spring – finally!

It feels like it’s been a dreadfully long time coming, but spring has finally arrived in Melbourne. Okay, ‘finally’ is probably a little uncalled for, since it’s only mid September, but winter has felt longer than usual, probably because of all of the rain. But I’m not allowed to complain about the rain either, since we need it so badly and all. Let’s just abandon all attempts to gripe, shall we? Spring is here, and I have proof in the form of magnolia flowers and sunshine.

Three guesses what I was doing in said sunshine. Okay, to all of the smart-arses who said ‘making poor attempts at taking arty photos’, I suppose your response is technically correct, but the desired answer was: ‘knitting’.

The delicious green pile of WIP is a Mythos cardigan in the making. The gorgeous yarn is from Wired for Fibre, and I am madly in love with it. It’s actually the same yarn that I used for the Annis shawl that I knitted while I was travelling. I originally bought three skeins of it so that I could make a giant Laminaria, but then the Annis just happened, and I had two-and-a-bit skeins left to play with. Not wanting to knit another shawl with the same yarn, I was keeping my eyes peeled for a garment pattern that would work well in terms of yardage, and Mythos seemed perfect; the plain stockinette should really show the gorgeous colours off.

Hopefully I won’t have too long to wait to find out – this project is just zipping along, thanks in no small part to multiple cups of tea, a goodly handful of True Blood episodes and, as usual, a generous amount of procrastinating. But I blame the rain for that; mandatory couch time! Still, I’m hoping that it will be cardigan-in-the-sun time soon enough…

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4 Responses to Spring – finally!

  1. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Pretty as a knitted thing, for what could be prettier, I say.
    P.S. I am a bit biased about knitted things, don’t hold it against me please ;o)

  2. homesickyorkshirelass says:

    Also love the new title banner

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hey! Love the new digs. 🙂 You need an RSS feed, though! (that’s how I keep up with everything)

    hmm..Maybe I should post. Or send you pictures. Or chocolates. 🙂

  4. Sonia says:

    Love the new banner as well! Looking forward to seeing the FO.

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