The Grand First Post

So, this is my first post, or the first on this blog anyway. This isn’t my first blog, or even my first craft blog. But I felt that it was time for a change, or rather, like it was time to begin afresh. A lot has changed in my life since the day that I started my old blog. To say the least; by ‘a lot’, I actually mean almost everything, and the delightful thing is that virtually all of the changes have been for the best. When I look back at the first few posts of the old blog, it reminds me of times that in a lot of ways, I don’t really care to remember. This isn’t everyone’s cue to go slogging back through my archives – there’s nothing recognisably tragic or sordid there to see. Still, they make me remember. That’s one of the reasons for the new blog.

Another reason is that frankly, I want to have a blog where I’m happy with the quality of the writing that I post. That’s not to say that everything on the old blog was swill; while I do have an unfortunate tendency to wax rather lyrical at times, words have always been what I do, and more or less everything was correctly spelled and punctuated, albeit suffering from the odd typo here and there. But honestly, after being in university for longer than I care to admit, and now being most of the way through a postgraduate course designed to teach me how to write well, I think I can strive for a little better than correct spelling. Many of my early posts were little more than stream-of-consciousness style verbal diarrhoea. I intend on doing a little better than that from this point onwards.

So, anyone who finds this, welcome to my new corner of the internet, my brand spanking new little e-hovel. If you’re new, I’m very pleased to meet you, and if you’ve followed from my old blog, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you cared enough to do so. Hopefully you’ll find that it’s been worth your while, blog gods willing!

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